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Yup, Online Wordfeud is web based, and you just use your normal Wordfeud-login, or you can create a new Wordfeud account. No installation, no nothing. Just login and start playing. It's the same games, opponents, chats and friends here, as on your phone.

Updated October 16. 2013.

Finally we have made a lot of bugfixes, so Online Wordfeud is now in alpha version. Please contact us if you notice any errors.

Thank you all for the feedback we have recieved from you, and we hope you will support this free online wordfeud-project in the future.

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What is Wordfeud? Wordfeud is a very addictive online Scrabble game, installed on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone - and now Webbased, for all those without smartphone, or people who like a big screen. This webversion is unofficial.
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